On the thematic resource / Leaks, images of a promising smartphone Huawei P50 Pro appeared – a device that should debut only in March. It is signed as Huawei P50, but according to the latest data, the base model of the series will only have a triple camera with sensors like the Mate 40, the device with these photos has a camera with four sensors, so we are most likely talking about Huawei P50 Pro.

Huawei P50 Pro on live photos

As you can see, the smartphone received a single embedded front camera and the main camera in a large block with a periscope module that provides a smooth optical zoom. Of course, the photo is far from a production model, but just a prototype. So the stock P50 Pro may look different. But overall, this leak is in line with previous data on the P50 Pro.

An insider published the data with a good track record: of the last 12 leaks, 7 were fully confirmed, another 3 with a 100% trust rating. So the photo is probably not a P50 Pro “cooked up in Photoshop,” but a real engineering sample.

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