HUAWEI recruits developers to create its own MMORPG

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Currently, Huawei has open vacancies for developers with experience in the MMORPG genre. From this it follows that the corporation plans to release its own multiplayer role-playing online game.

As the website says ITHome, the company is looking for its team: developers, designers, producers and many other specialists. Judging by this, a division of the company, Huawei Games, is going to create its own MMO-games with engines Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 3D. As indicated, the workplace is located in Shanghai. One of the main requirements is at least five years of experience as a game developer or project manager.

The company is in great difficulty at the moment, especially in China. We can only assume that she is trying to “survive” in a difficult situation for herself and stay “afloat”. If you want to become an official game developer and know the language, you can feel free to try yourself. It should be noted that games in this genre are very popular and bring huge profits to their creators.

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