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Hwei will likely be one of the hardest mages in MOBA League of Legends

Riot Games has announced a new champion for MOBA League of Legends named Hwei. He will likely be one of the hardest Mage characters to fight in the mid lane, if not the hardest.

Hwei has three sets of basic abilities in his arsenal, each of which contains three spells. When you use any ability, the other two from this set also go on cooldown, so the main criterion for success when playing as a champion will be the correct skills.

The first group of abilities is called Disaster and is aimed at dealing damage. Devastating Fire launches a fireball that deals area damage when it hits the first target in its path. Severing Bolt strikes in a direction with a delay, and if the skill hits an immobilized or isolated enemy, it deals more damage. Molten Fissure sends lava down a line, slowing down all enemies walking along it.

Next comes the Serenity abilities, which are aimed at strengthening Khvei and his allies. Fleeting Current allows you to draw a line on the map that increases the movement speed of your teammates if they pass through it. Pool of Reflection grants a shield to allied champions in the area, and Stirring Lights increases auto-attack damage and restores mana on hit.

Finally, the abilities from the Torment group are control skills. Grim Visage causes the first enemy in its path to flee. Gaze of the Abyss root and damage a nearby champion after a short delay. Crushing Maw grabs all enemies in the area and pulls them towards the center.

Hwei’s ultimate, Spiraling Despair, is not associated with sets. The ability launches an orb that sticks to an enemy champion for a few seconds. It expands around the enemy and deals damage over time, as well as slowing all enemies it touches. The sphere then explodes, causing even more damage.

Hwei will be added to League of Legends with the release of update 13.24, which is expected on December 6, 2023, according to graphics.

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