HyakKinder by NetEase Games Lets Become a Spirit in Kindergarten

Publisher NetEase Games has launched a beta test of HyakKinder. You have to watch out for the warring children.

HyakKinder is a mobile strategy that has entered the CBT stage. The developers reported this in Facebook group… A beta is available for Android, although iOS gamers can download the game across Southeast Asia. The HyakKinder CBT will end on January 23rd. At the start, we are offered to choose one of the Japanese spirits (Shikigami). There are three clans available, they differ in character, much like the faculties in Harry Potter.

The main feature of HyakKinder is voice chat and being in kindergarten with other players. And all this in real time. The project offers several modes, among them there is an analogue Among Us. Interestingly, to participate in the role of a spy, you need to spend local currency, which is impossible at the start. A modified version of this mode is Soul Evolution. In it, your character evolves, which allows you to check the identity of the next “kindergartner” or get more coins for tasks.

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