Hyde and Seek accuses you of a crime, but is that true?

An early version of Hyde and Seek came out on Android. In it we are trying to convince the police of our innocence.

Hyde and Seek is “a symbiosis of a board game and a story game.” The fact is that the adventures of Kate Holliday, the main character, unfold on a playing board. We need to make it so that it gets to the desired point in the allotted number of moves. To do this, we have cards with drawn cubes, as well as the ability to see where we will stand and what effect it will have. For example, you might stumble upon a police officer who starts accusing you of a crime.

The battles in Hyde and Seek take place in turn-based and card format. We attack the enemy or heal wounds. At the same time, rock music plays in the background, and the game itself is made in the style of anime. The good news is that you can skip encounters with enemies if you use the right card. Mana is spent only on them; to restore it, you need to spend a turn or stand on a cell with a crystal. In general, you should try to avoid the police, but you can get useful information from other citizens.

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