I hate Roblox! Don’t let your kids play this!

I hate F2P games. They pretend like you can get high without a donation, even though the price tag for top items reaches the price of an average smartphone. They give you a cool weapon for 100 rubles, but after a couple of days it can be used instead of toilet paper.

Max Payne said it right: “Sooner or later, you find that lady luck is an ordinary whore, and you run out of cash.” In this rambling review on Roblox, I will put an end to it once and for all so that the army of schoolchildren goes into the shadows.

Who lives at the bottom of the ocean?

In fact, Roblox is not a game, but an editor with a free engine. That is, the small shkolota quickly sculpts a clone of Among Us and begins to earn premium currency. It can be converted into a real cache, but the publisher pays such a meager percentage that it is better to work at McDonald’s. And what, are you hoping to get a solid clone of Garry’s Mod? Yeah, right now – although Roblox has more than 20 million games created by the community, their simplicity can only surprise youngsters. Well, tell me, what’s the catch of the platformer, where you just have to run and jump around locations with caustic flowers? Okay, maybe you want to play the role of a fish that does nothing but swim? Okay, this time a mode worthy of its audience: flushing down the toilet.

You can say: “Yes, it’s good, you can crap any game so superficially.” Okay, I put on gloves with a gas mask, and after that I went to the “Build a ship and find treasure” mode. In the description, I was even promised a trip. I will say this: 32k subhumans play this mode, and in total it was launched almost 2 billion times. Well, okay, they threw me into some kind of jungle and said: “You can only build on the green zone.” Okay, I went to the grass and it still didn’t work. It turns out that you need to go to the light green zone. There I proudly placed the box and decided to set sail. Indeed, the game allows you to “go on a trip” even in this format. Only you will float as if behind, as if soaring in the air. Well, if you decide to get off, you will immediately die and be reborn under water. Do you know what the game will offer you? Build a new ship, right on the spot. And where is the whole movement? The location is big, but there are no people. And they didn’t give a dislike, they say it’s not available yet.

Mom, donate pliz

Everyone knows that skins do not affect the gameplay. And helping map authors will increase the number of quality modes, right? But after all, everyone wants to look unique, especially schoolchildren who do not have their own donation money. Well, you can get some clothes for free, but almost everyone has them. Now look: Tasteless Hat costs 45,000 Robux. This is the premium and the only currency in the game, for which both players and map developers are paid. So, you need to spend 45,000 rubles to buy a hat. Now tell me what is so special about her? By the way, kids, did you know that for only 360 rubles a month you will get a premium that gives you access to premium levels, exclusive sales and trade between players? Yes, I also regret that now I know about it.

I survived, but at what cost?

Many compare Roblox to Minecraft. What for? Minecraft is a sandbox world that is randomly generated with mobs, ore, rivers, mountains, and dungeons. You can make maps in it too, but with the help of the editor, people create processors, run DOOM and make maps like Middle-earth, which look bad with RTX enabled. In Roblox, everything is different – the models of heroes are like from LEGO, and the interface and rules on some cards are not explained. Most of the modes on the main page are paid, and these are role-playing, hide-and-seek or tycoon simulators.

Although it’s easy to create your own card, teenagers won’t be able to make money: experienced Roblox developers say that if your game doesn’t shoot on YouTube and doesn’t become a meme, then you will never transfer Robux to real cash. That is, the publisher profits from child labor, but if the developers stop releasing low-grade copies of Naruto or Five Nights at Freddy’s, and everyone will forget about Roblox, since the game has no legacy. This is the same garbage as Second Life. By the way, did I mention that because of the abundance of children, a lot of suspicious men hang around Roblox? After that, consider whether it is worth giving your child access to this “shareware” nonsense.

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