Identity V will receive a crossover with the anime “Death Note”, Ryuk and Light Yagami are back in business

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During the NetEase Connect 2021 online presentation, we learned that Identity V will host a crossover with the popular anime Death Note. The event will begin at the end of May, the 27th. Expect familiar characters such as Misa Amane, Light Yagami, L and of course Ryuk. We will help these guys in the investigation of a series of murders at the manor. This means that it is worth looking for clues and getting to the bottom of the secret around the Death Note.

Identity V features five characters, one of whom is a hunter (hello Dead by Daylight). By the way, local maps strongly resemble DbD. The gameplay is similar: we run across scary locations, jump through windows and restore generators. The graphics are so-so, but maybe it’s for the better: the game will run on weak devices.

In addition, NetEase Games has released a new trailer for the Lost Light shooter. If you want to know about the most anticipated mobile games of 2021, then go here (there is even a video version). Don’t forget to subscribe to your favorite games in order not to miss news, guides and promotional codes.

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