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Idle Hero Alliance will allow you to manage a team of superheroes

An early version of Idle Hero Alliance is available on US Google Play. She offers to assemble a team of 5 heroes and fight huge mutants within the metropolis.

Idle Hero Alliance is a mobile project that appeared on Android in a number of countries; There is no version information for iOS. This is an idle game with the ability to get experience and gold offline, but for this you must first choose 5 superheroes who will protect the local city from criminals and aliens.

In Idle Hero Alliance, your main task is to repel waves of enemies and complete missions, because for them you get materials for pumping and gold. It is eventually spent on pumping superheroes. I am glad that despite the early version and very arcade gameplay, the developers bothered to add online elements: the description for Idle Hero Alliance refers to the ability to reflect the attack of enemies in the ranks of friends. Such a function is not available at the start, it is likely that you need to increase the level for it. Well, the icing on the cake is that there are no ads and in-app purchases in this game.

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