Idle Mayor Tycoon: Build a Dream City and Get Rich on Android

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Can you get rich with just a few taps on the screen? It’s as easy as shelling pears in Idle Mayor Tycoon. Here we will build the city of our dreams and develop it so that it brings more income. Since we are very lazy, we need to recruit tough leaders who will take control of the city and its separate districts. It all starts with a small village but ends with luxury hotels. This is an arcade game, so income comes even when the game is turned off.

The graphics are cartoonish and minimalistic. To pump your city faster, you need to participate in various events: there you can get valuable prizes. The game has an age rating of 3+, so you can teach your child about investment and entrepreneurship. The project was developed by the T-Bull studio; these guys made Moto Rider GO.

Idle Mayor Tycoon is already available on Android. This is a shareware project with ads and microtransactions up to 9,090 rubles per item… There is no information about the version for iOS.

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