If You Can’t Buy a PlayStation 5, It Makes Sense To Delay Your Purchase. In The Spring, The Prefix Will Become Cheaper.

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And will become even more cheaper by the end of 2021

Reducing the price of a Sony game console in the first year of sales is standard practice. Against the background of the current excitement and total shortage, it’s hard to believe, but next year the PlayStation 5 should fall in price. It has even been calculated by how much.

If you can't buy a PlayStation 5, it makes sense to delay your purchase.  In the spring the prefix will become cheaper

Price, an analytical agency from southeast Asia, published a report according to which in May 2021, the PlayStation 5 will drop in price by $ 30 – to $ 470, and the digital version of the set-top box (without an optical drive) – by $ 20, to $ 380. And those who prefer to wait until the end of next year will get the PlayStation 5 for about $ 432. The cost of the digital version of the console will drop to $ 345 by that time. This data is based on the cost reduction of its predecessor, the PlayStation 4 Pro. Perhaps, in terms of reducing the price, the PlayStation 5 will not repeat all the PlayStation 4 Pro stages, but there is no doubt that as demand saturates, it will become more affordable.

Source: iPrice

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