In Backpack Heroes, you can throw a frying pan at bees

Backpack Heroes is a turn-based game in Early Access in select countries. We take on the role of a hero who has a lot of things in his backpack, including the trusty frying pan. With its help, you can destroy spiders, bees and other enemies.

Backpack Heroes arcade project is available in some countries on Android, one of them is Australia. According to the plot, we must confront different mechanical creatures. The battles with them are step-by-step, at each turn you can get four items from the backpack, which consume battery power (local energy). At the same time, enemies call you names in every possible way until they find out that a kangaroo in boxing gloves is hiding in your backpack.

Gameplay in Backpack Heroes is divided into chapters and missions. Over time, the construction of the safe and customization opens. As for social features, you can break into other players’ hideouts and steal their property. This is necessary to raise your world rank. Also, the developers hint at a difficult mode, although there are no details. So far, pre-registration of Backpack Heroes is available for the CIS.

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