In Heroes of Fate and Fortune, knights grow crops

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Farmer Simulator Heroes of Fate and Fortune is available in select countries. In it, knights not only fight monsters, but also grow cabbage.

Heroes of Fate and Fortune is a mobile knight and farmer simulator. The game is currently undergoing an early launch in the United States. The screenshots for the game indicate that we will complete epic quests, build a settlement and run through unfamiliar lands. Among the monsters there will be wolves, orcs, skeletons and other evil spirits.

In Heroes of Fate and Fortune, energy plays the main role, which is quickly spent on deforestation, harvesting, and other handyman activities. Soon we learn that one of the kingdoms was struck by a plague, the inhabitants and the guards were captured, so we need to hire the remaining army and go with it. Locations in this game are corridor, but covered with the fog of war. Sometimes you can find a valuable item or stumble upon an ambush.

Before battles in Heroes of Fate and Fortune, we simply deploy a squad and watch how it automatically deals with the enemy. At this moment, you can bombard the enemy with fireballs and other magic.

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