In Single City, you can flirt and plot enemies

An early version of Single City is available on Android. In it, we try to turn the heads of our subscribers, avoiding and taking revenge on our enemies.

Single City is a mobile strategy game that appeared on Google Play. In it one must earn fame and gain power over the city. This is done using the social ladder. The developers say that players will have to think about who and what kind of relationship to establish. But to surprise everyone, you need to dress fashionably and constantly change your appearance.

To get subscribers in Single City, you need to complete tasks. For this they also give energy, money and other gifts. Players are encouraged to enter into an alliance with others in order to increase their status. In general, this project is ideal for extroverts – you need to flirt with the right people and build various intrigues with your enemies. The main thing is to pump roommates in order to improve their appearance, charisma, luck and other indicators. Just be careful, because the maximum price tag in Single City reaches 9 490 rubles

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