Infinite Galaxy Review – Review of Infinite Galaxy Mobile Strategy

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There are not so many worthy space strategies on mobile devices, and this time one of them hit our sights. It’s about a game called Infinite galaxyreleased in 2020 and has continued to gain an audience ever since. It was developed by Camel Games, a mobile strategy studio. With all their baggage of knowledge and experience, they decided to release a more global project, which takes place in a huge star system, numbering dozens of galaxies.

Infinite Galaxy’s plot revolves around a motley bunch of space rangers who found an old abandoned spaceship and decided to use it to solve intergalactic problems. At the very beginning of the game, you have your own spaceport at your disposal, which is a kind of main hub where you will improve ships, conduct research, recruit crew members and research technologies.

The strategic part is reminiscent of many popular mobile games, so if you’ve played something like that, you will feel at ease. If not, then the detailed training system will show everything and tell you everything. By tradition, you will collect resources to improve buildings and open up new opportunities in order to extract even more resources to invest in the base. At the same time, changes are displayed visually, since they affect the appearance of your spaceport, over time, overgrowing with new details and becoming larger.

Any improvement and research requires a certain amount of time, which grows with pumping. In the beginning, you are even allowed to do it for free and instantly. Closer to the endgame, you will have to wait longer, but the result is much better. Fortunately, as the game progresses, you will be constantly presented with various boosters, which will significantly reduce the waiting time. Also, clan members can provide assistance and, again, reduce the time required to complete almost any action.

Infinite Galaxy includes two types of combat system at once, depending on the activity you have chosen at the moment. Clashes in the open world take place in automatic mode, where victory depends on your strength. There are battles that take place on a separate map, and in them you have the opportunity to influence the battle, although the correct pumping is still an important condition for victory. In this mode, you can control your ship, choosing the most convenient position, and when you accumulate a special resource, you can call for help from smaller ships controlled by artificial intelligence. Also, do not forget about the abilities that have a cooldown and are often directed manually.

Infinite Galaxy’s core gameplay is territorial control. Alliances are an important part of the game, as they are the ones who fight against each other in order to capture a piece of outer space. In principle, you can play in splendid isolation, but then you will lose the lion’s share of the useful features that are written about when you join. First, as already mentioned, clanmates help speed up the improvement or research process. Secondly, the expansion of the territory of the alliance will allow you to extract resources in controlled systems, and when you capture the Star Platforms, you can get more valuable bonuses. Finding a team “to your liking” is not so difficult – in the results you are shown various alliances with different levels of requirements: some are kicked out even if they do not enter the game for a day, while others are not so strict about it. The conflict of alliances makes the world more alive, because something is constantly happening and changing in it. Moreover, the game does not force you to be online around the clock in order to achieve at least something.

The graphics of Infinite Galaxy are excellent, especially considering that the game was released exclusively on mobile devices. Although on the global map the camera will be remote most of the time, the developers still tried to work out the models of ships, stars and planets. Therefore, even with the maximum zoom, they look quite good, and during the game they do not raise any questions at all. Also a plus is that many of the plot dialogues between the characters are voiced here in Russian.

Talking about free-to-play, one cannot ignore the topic of microtransactions. Infinite Galaxy also has them and allows you to accelerate development progress. Fortunately, there are no exclusive ships or items that are better in strength than those obtained in-game. “Donate” can be useful if you go faster to pump – for example, to quickly join some top alliance. In the store you can find various resources, recharge time boosters, items to increase the mining speed, protection from attacks, and more. In general, everything that we are used to seeing in other similar games. The developers decided not to reinvent the bicycle and relied on a well-proven system.

Who should I recommend Infinite galaxy? First of all, for fans of mobile strategies with the development of the base, who prefer the space setting more than the fantasy Middle Ages popular in this genre. Also, the game can please those players who want not only to develop in order to become stronger, but also to influence the whole world, fighting for territories together with the alliance and expanding their borders.

Promo code

For our readers, the developers have provided a promotional code that will allow you to receive various in-game gifts. In the game, click on the character icon in the upper left corner of the screen, go to the system settings and select “Set exchange” there. In the window that appears, enter MMO13 and click on the “Exchange” button. The promo code must be activated by August 31, 2021.

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