Infinite Tanks WW2 Tank Arcade Released On iOS And Nintendo Switch

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Infinite Tanks WW2 are arcade tanks similar to World of Tanks. There are two factions to choose from: the Alliance and the Axis countries (Germany and Japan). At the start, we go through training. The graphics look passable, the gameplay is dynamic, although Unreal Engine 4 doesn’t smell. The interface is concise and intuitive. The gameplay is typical: we ride around locations in a third person and destroy enemy tanks. If you get knocked out, you can restore your armor. For the passage of missions, points are accumulated for which loot boxes, tanks and more are opened.

The missions are different, the essence is the same – it is necessary to seize territory and repel enemy attacks. The locations have grass, trees can be broken, like some other objects. The physics of tanks is a bit arcade, in general, fans of such games should go.

Infinite Tanks WW2 is already available on iOS and Nintendo Switch. The project is premium, the issue price in the App Store is 899 rubles. So far, he has one rating of 5 stars and 119th place in the top of the simulators. I asked a question about Android developers, the news will be updated after the answer.

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