Injustice – the story of the character Alexander Joseph (Lex) Luthor

image1 91 Injustice - the story of the character Alexander Joseph (Lex) Luthor

The story of the origin of the evil genius was invented quite late, when he reached the top of the career of the villain and the sympathy of readers. So, Luthor was born in the slums of suicides – in one of the districts of MetroCity. Sasha spent his early years in the household, where his cruel and quick-tempered father regularly laid a hand on all family members (happy families do not like comic book authors). His only friend was a classmate Petya Bely (Perry White), who helped Sasha in the most difficult times and inspired him for future achievements. Of course, in such conditions, the strongest survived, so the guy grew up as a ruthless and cunning manipulator.

Deciding to end a poor life and at the same time get rid of a cute family, Lex took a large insurance policy on his parents without their knowledge and set up a car accident, ruining the car’s brakes. However, the family where Sasha was sent turned out to be no better than the previous one. In fact, they adopted him only for the sake of the money on the guy’s account and always tried to find out how and where this money is stored in order to take it into his pocket. They even sent their own daughter Alenka (Lena) to seduce the guy. And Sasha is silent like a partisan and secretly transfers the amount to a separate account, to which only he has access. Since the plan of debauchery failed miserably, because Lena turned out to be noble from her parents and refused to go for it, the father threw all his anger at his daughter and beat him to death … If Lex had been at home at that moment, perhaps this tragic event would not have happened and the guy’s life would have taken a different turn, because he loved Lena, but he, along with Peter, chewed on a hot dog at a football match, when the brains were knocked out of the poor.

Kneeling in front of the lifeless body of the already beloved girl, Sasha vowed to gain absolute power and total control over others, and also to take revenge on his foster parents and his unfortunate friend, who invited him to football at the wrong time. Retribution Lex embodied with his characteristic subtle meanness, bringing Petya’s life to naught, seducing his wife and ruining the business, and shot his father, having previously hired him to kill the mayor of MetroCity.


And Injustice turned everything upside down, and in the game Sasha stands up as a law-abiding citizen who takes the side of good and fights against the monarchical regime of the sweetheart-egoist. In principle, although his character is quite interesting, a kind of “gray eminence” of the underworld, it is difficult for Luthor to find a worthy place in a fighting game in the absence of superpowers. Therefore, NetherRealm dressed him in a supersuit, which, in fact, is the only property of the hero. All combat tactics are built on the use of the technical potential of the armor – lasers, machine guns, grenades and tasty blows from under a metal boot. It is desirable to calculate the combat taking into account the category of the enemy and rely more on gadgets, the use of environmental elements and ranged combat than on direct brute force. Lex’s Super Strike consists of transforming an enemy into a grill by focusing and directing a Sizzling Orbital Laser.


In the original version, the character is known only by the last name Luthor and by his characteristic red hair. However, in 1941, due to the mistake of the artist, who forgot to finish the hair, Sasha gets up bald as a nut. The developers liked this version of the villain, and the brilliant head of a genius became Lex’s hallmark and marked the beginning of the era of bald antagonists.


Alex is a DC Comics thief with the prefix super, although he has no superpowers other than his own ingenuity and inflated ambitions. Nevertheless, he managed to spoil a pack of nerves and blood to Superman, whose antagonist he thought of in the original comics. And he does not like Superman because the flying hero contributed to Lex’s premature baldness. And when the last hair of chairman Sasha fell out, the cup of patience overflowed – a supervillain appeared, ready to inflict a vendetta on all shaggy supporters of good.

Lex Luthor has become the complete opposite of Clark Kent (the human name of Superman) – an intelligent, cold-blooded character with atrophied moral principles. In different versions of the comic book, the character of Lex differed from an inspired mad scientist to an immoral businessman who even managed to visit the President of the United States. In a modern interpretation, this is a scientist and the former head of one of the most powerful high-tech companies, Lexcorp (one of whose achievements was the super battle suit, which Luthor used for his own purposes even before it became mainstream with Robert Downey in the title role).

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