Innovative development from Xiaomi company: a camera with a liquid lens

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Xiaomi is planning to release the new Mi Mix smartphone on March 29th. In a promotional video, the company revealed that the mobile device will be equipped with a liquid lens camera. This is Xiaomi’s own unique development.

The lens mimics the work of the human eye and instantly focuses on objects at different distances. The company calls this technology “Bionic Photography”. In essence, the innovative technology consists in a transparent liquid, which is in a very thin film. It can change the curvature of the lens for faster focus changes and reduces the likelihood of image distortion. As reported Weibo, the liquid transmits light well and refracts rays at different angles, and is also resistant to external environmental factors.

Rumor has it that one liquid lens camera can replace multiple lenses at once. She will be able to combine the work of a wide-angle sensor and a telephoto lens. As a result, only one universal lens can be installed in a smartphone. We will be able to learn more about the innovative camera in three days.

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