Over the past months, I’ve talked about the best games in the mobile industry’s history. The most recent part can be found here. Now it’s time to jump over to the other side of the camp and see what new or just interesting games we got on smartphones. And for this, we will go to the site TapTap, where there is quite a lot that you will not see at the top of the App Store and Google Play. Write your opinion on the new format in the comments.


NetEase Games has released a game where we simultaneously collect robot killers and control them in battles. There are several modes, but the main goal is to destroy the yellow core hidden in every walking and crawling mechanical friend. AstraCraft constantly requires the player to be creative: is the enemy behind a high wall? It’s time to make a spider robot. Maybe the enemy is floating in the air? In this case, you can’t do without a machine gun and missiles.

At the very beginning, players undergo training, where they get acquainted with all the modes. For completing such missions, we are given rare parts for assembly. The battles’ logic is elementary: we deprive the enemy of weapons or the ability to move, and it’s almost in the bag. One of the first available modes – “Scuffle.” This is a local alternative to the classic deathmatch, where the one who killed the most enemies wins. First, you have to collect steel assassins; at the start, it will be possible to make only a spider with many paws, but over time, other bases for robots are opened (or bought).

Farlight 84

Epic Games has finished badly, and therefore enjoying Fortnite on smartphones is problematic and sometimes even impossible. It is good that now there is an alternative, although in MBT and not in all countries. Farlight 84 is a typical battle royale with cartoon graphics and a futuristic setting… One of the features is the local car park. In this regard, the game reveals itself from a pleasant side. Let’s say if you love the Transformer, you’ll love it. Here’s the thing: Imagine you are driving a jeep from the future with a team. During the shootout, he transformed into a real tank that stands on supports. But the enemies will have something to answer – they can take control huge walking spider which crawls along the walls and jumps.

If we talk about the characters themselves, then there is a jetpack that makes the fight dynamic by default. There are refrigerators scattered across the map that still need to be activated. It takes quite a long time, so it is better to abandon this undertaking when the enemy noticed you. There are rare weapons in the fridges, so the game is worth the candle. Of the cons, I can highlight a large map, where sometimes nothing interesting happens.

Zombeast: Survival Zombie Shooter

it runner about zombies, but not a bit typical. The fact is that we can move in all directions, even backward. But it would be best if you still moved forward because this is one of the main goals in every mission. Their difficulty is gradually increasing, so you need to improve weapons or buy new ones. The number of cartridges is limited, so at some point, it can get up ammunition conservation issue… Shooting in Zombeast with auto-guidance, so there will be no particular problems to hit the zombies. Another thing is how many cartridges will go to one walking dead man? In turn, they are divided into several types: thin, thick, dogs, and so on.

According to the graphics, the following: the developers exactly took an example from the Silent Hill series creators. The fact is that beyond the road, only the silhouettes of buildings are visible, and everything else is covered with fog. This reduces the load on the system and also hides graphic roughness. In addition to the plot, an endless mode is available. At least at first, the arsenal of weapons is as follows: Desert Eagle, assault rifle, and shotgun. For extreme cases, a grenade is useful.

Rocket royale

Remember Fortnite? In his absence, another indie studio decided to make its own battle royale. This time, unlike Farlight 84, we can mine resources and build walls, stairs, and platforms. There are only complaints about the quality of the performance: the characters’ movements are made quite minimalist, like the graphics themselves. Bullet ballistics too leaves much to be desired: the sniper cartridge flies right into the target, which constantly takes off on the jetpack. In Pocket Royale, you can build a rocket that is capable of flying. The only question remains: how far does it fly, and can it be shot in the air?

Call of battle

If CrossFire and Point Blank had a child, then the output would be Call of Battle. This online shooter offers team battles in small arenas. The graphics are clumsy; the controls are made according to mobile standards. During the battles, you can hear the voice of GLaDOS from the Portal universe. Let’s say: Call of Battle developers hardly have the right to use this voice. During the shooting, you can control the “spray” that separates this project from similar ones. But it does not reach the level of Call of Duty Mobile: sometimes pops up advertising, and the main menu is filled with square and rectangular icons. Weapons need to be pumped for in-game currency (free or premium), and the gameplay is divided into two modes: single battles with bots in two teams and ranked matches.

Dark steel

At Dark Steel, we are involved in warrior battles… This happens in a “1 on 1” format. Before starting, you need to choose your fighter’s appearance and the class; them three to choose from: a knight with a shield and a mace, a warrior with an ax, and an assassin with blades. There are also three modes: PvP battles, story campaign, and participation in limited-time events.

We completely control the character; this only applies to movement and evasion because defeating the enemy implies “invocation» Attacks. After each victory, the character flaunts in a deserted arena. The main emphasis in pumping is on knocking out rare items… They enhance our performance but often mined from chests (purchased for free or premium currency). There is a Russian localization.

Ace Racer

If Forza Street is a gas pedal simulator, Ace Racer offers a more sophisticated arcade racing version. Here we can control the car: maneuver, use nitrous oxide, and drift on tight corners. The general entourage can be described with the word “future,” But with a touch of China’s natural beauty. We have cool cars at our disposal, in which sometimes the entire rear space is occupied by turbines or a rear spoiler. While drifting, the wheels start to smoke; nitro also looks modern. Since this is NetEase Games, and Ace Racer is still being developed for China, we should expect donut scale flow

Angry birds journey

Rovio Entertainment has returned to the previous and victorious Angry Birds formula in the new Angry Birds Journey game. It’s even more cartoonish than the original series. The main task – slingshot brave birds and destroy the pig buildings with them. Along with this, it is necessary to free the fledgling chicks (they are in pink balls) and move towards Miracle Eggs… The developers promise familiar and new birds, casual and challenging levels. Probably the only game in our selection that suitable for the whole family… A trial run is underway. A list of available countries can be found here.

Sangokushi: Strategy Edition

This is a Chinese strategy in which we have to take on a military leader and commander of a huge Chinese army. Events develop in the era of the Three Kingdoms a lot of conflicts should be expected. Battles take place in automatic mode, but preparation for them lies entirely on our shoulders. The army needs strategically divide into several flanks and take care of the area’s geographical conditions. It turns out that if there are mountains or rivers nearby, then the movement will slow down. In addition to battles, we pump our state and fight with other commanders. In general terms, Sangokushi can be called a typical mobile strategy with an oriental theme. There is no information about the global version, and it is unlikely to be.

Revelation mobile

Last on the list is MMORPG Revelation Mobile. At the very beginning, we select four classes, and then we customize the characters using presets. It is worth noting that the gender of the hero is tied to a specific class. General the entourage is purely Asian, where the Middle Ages mixes with modernity. That is, our hero can carry swords but sleep in a premium bed, next to which there are bedside tables from IKEA

Expect a lot of voiced dialogue with NPC neutrals. Since the game was released in China, there are tons of hieroglyphs in it. There is English, but its quality is difficult to judge. The graphics are on a level; the controls are reminiscent of Black Desert Mobile, where we are engaged in the typical call of enemies. In the first 20 minutes, you will definitely not leave the boundaries of cities and local institutions; therefore, knowledge of foreign languages ​​is encouraged

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