TapTap is an amazing place; there, you can often find many games that Google Play has never even heard of. That is why, for the third time, I want to tell you about the coolest and simply interesting mobile phone games. The previous part can be viewed here. If you have any interesting projects in mind, write about them urgently in the comments.

Lost Light

The head of Google Play predicts new trends in online gaming thanks to Among Us and Genshin Impact. If anyone took this path first, it was NetEase Games. These guys rolled out a solid loot shooter with thoughtful social interaction… See: what do we often do in these games? We survive alone or with a pre-prepared group. What if it was possible to enlist the support of the enemy? This kind of mechanic is unlikely to be seen anywhere, but Lost Light does. With a half-dead enemy, you can do three things: finish off, heal, or add to the squad.

Let’s go further: when we hit our body, inscriptions with injuries pop up in the centre of the screen: bleeding, bone fracture, and so on. Insiders from the fields report that this does not affect anything. Let’s hope that NetEase will beat this moment by the time of release (now undergoing CBT). What do we have from all this? Lost Light is now a contender for the title of “Most Advanced Smartphone Shooter.” And no Tencent collaborations with the Metro 2033 universe will help here.

Echoes of Magic

If MMOs are on mobile phones with rigid binding to classes, then the developers of Echoes of Magic went the other way. Here you have the lack of classes, an isometric view, and even slasher elements. Almost at the very beginning, we are allowed to fight with a huge blue dragon, which runs away with its tail between its legs faster than Alduin in Skyrim. As expected, we will most of the time “call out” mobs, which are goblins and boars. Gradually, our hero acquires the necessary abilities to repel large slugs. By the way, bosses usually have several pieces of armour. In Echoes of Magic, there are quests to which the hero runs automatically.

The shareware game was not without loot boxes, from which armour and weapons fall. Oddly enough, the armour from the chest will be one of the first items we will attach to ourselves. Almost every location is divided into levels; if you die before reaching the maximum, then you can try your luck again. The graphics are pretty minimalistic, and the interface is not overloaded with icons.

SoulWorker Academia

Asian developers can definitely play kawaii games, or they want to ride a wave of hype around Genshin Impact. One way or another, SoulWorker Academia will provide a ton of content for those who like to collect cute chan and fight demons simultaneously. The game even has a storyline told through anime cuts, but so far only in Korean. The gameplay will come to Devil May Cry fans: chop demons left and right, make huge combos, and enjoy the general madness. All heroes are trained in a certain Academy, hence the name. In addition to the heroic part, they must attend classes and combine all this with their personal lives. The last point means working as a waiter and cleaning your huge room, so there is no personal life for hard workers.

There is no clearly defined class system in Academia, but each weapon has its own pumping tree. We move automatically between quests, and boss battles will be familiar to MMORPG lovers: we move away from the highlighted area and pour in many damages. There is a possibility that at high levels, there is a lot of farming and slow pumping. We are waiting for the global version.

Gran saga

Heroes have no place in the pure Middle Ages, so let’s add fantasy elements, wrap them in an anime style and get Gran Saga. I must say that NPIXEL spared no budget: at the very beginning, we are greeted by vigorous orchestral music, cut-scenes and a battle for several heroes. It’s a pity that the release is still in South Korea, because the plot is there, and everything is in Korean. The characters are diverse: huge tanks with a low voice and frowning eyebrows, cute and frisky girls with ears and calm but brave knights. The fact is that you can take a group of three characters on an adventure, so you need to choose to take into account the synergy of skills and roles.

The graphics are excellent and a little more realistic than the Genshin Impact. There are always a lot of special effects on the screen. Each hero has his own level and set of emotions. The abilities are arranged in a slightly unusual way: in a row, not in an arc, as in many popular games. Dungeon exploration takes place in an interesting isometric view; this way, you can find chests with valuable items. The fights themselves are as usual – from the third person. PvP battles are automatic, and you need to place the heroes on the field correctly.


Low poly shooters are all the rage among indie developers right now, or they might be lazy. In general, do not expect revelations from Toten – this is a first-person shooter where you can crouch and aim. At the same time, there are also pluses: no exo-skeletons and other technologies from the future. Health is restored automatically, plus first-aid kits are scattered around the map, so we decide survivability. Unfortunately, the online game is small, and you often sit in the lobby with bots who know how to shoot accurately. For headshots and several kills at a time, they give extra points. One match can easily last 20 minutes, from which the game does not benefit. There are four classes to choose from: Engineer, Support, Assault, and Scout. Each has its own area of ​​responsibility.

Blue Archive

We continue to talk about anime projects. If anyone has stood out in this direction, it is the publisher Nexon: in the Blue Archive, we get tactical and at the same time dynamic battles with different robots. On our side is the cute chan who carry assault rifles and even machine guns… They are divided into several classes: someone absorbs damage, someone deals or heals it. Battles can be bet on cars or fight yourself. After passing, they give a maximum of three stars. The drawing in Blue Archive is great, plus there is a plot (in Japanese). Each hero has his own superpowers; one of them is to absorb a direct hit from a tank shell. Battles take place in different locations, but in most cases, it is a modern metropolis.

Magic: The Gathering Arena

Magic The Gathering surprises: this franchise popularized card battles, but it comes to smartphones last, and now there is a closed beta test with restrictions on the filling of the smartphone. Along with this, we should expect a cross-platform with a PC, although where is it not now? Personally, the interface scares me: it is overflowing with textual information, plus the colour palette probably served as inspiration for the book “50 shades you know what“. Interestingly, we are shown new additions and banned maps at the very beginning, but immediately after that, we are thrown into the main menu. Although it may depend on the account and if you just created it, you will be taught the basics.

The graphics look great for the mobile port, with the battlefield slightly different from the PC version. In terms of difficulty, MTG is clearly not comparable to Hearthstone, although the goals are the same: you need to bring your army to the table and pour damage into the face of the enemy character. The project is clearly a niche one, but let’s see what happens after the release.


Some developers do not give up hope and try to bring something new to the battle royale genre. NWay decided to add isometry and make you scream with joy when you see an enemy on the map. The fact is that a maximum of 24 players in one session, while not the entire lobby is recruited, and the map is not small. At the exit, we get a simulator of walking around the city. There is the pumping of your hero and weapons. This is done for coins; we get them from loot boxes to kill or break various buildings. Enemies can be seen on the map and behind buildings, which should add dynamism and mobility. The overall ambience is reminiscent of Hyper Scape (remember this game from Ubisoft? I don’t remember either). It doesn’t bring anything new to the genre: it’s a mixture of a hero shooter and a battle royale. Simultaneously, the characters do not have replicas even after the murder: these are just models with different characteristics.

Titan Quest: Legendary Edition

HandyGames loves to re-release Titan Quest on mobile, so get your wallets ready: prices and stakes go up, but we’re getting improvements as well. They relate to the following: we get a ton of technical fixes and three DLCs. In the first village, we are given the same number of tasks as in any MMORPG. Dialogue windows look small, so it’s not recommended to try it on small smartphones (if the plot is important). Our character will travel between Greece, Egypt, the East and even Olympus. One goal – destroy as many monsters as possible and get epic armour. In fact, we get a classic slasher that will go to fans of the genre and old-timers: there is no auto-fight, graphics on Unreal Engine 4 and cut scenes with kawaii girls. But if these are only advantages for you, then we urgently deposit the money at the HandyGames cashier and look forward to another re-release in the future.

Top drift

After Top Drift, you will realize that the worst thing is not being sidelined. The fact is that at maximum speeds, cars make strange sounds. Sometimes it the sound of a whistling kettle or a mosquito flying near your ear. But I’m distracted; the main task here is to rush to the finish line first; for this, you need to start and drift around corners to gain nitro ideally. During the races in the background plays Hard rock, which adds several points to the piggy bank. Not without sets of cards (local loot boxes). The graphics are minimalistic, and the gameplay is an arcade and sometimes monotonous to disgrace. Sometimes obstacles appear on the road that will definitely not let you come first, but there are indicators.

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