Introduced Improved Google Photos With New Features

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The new interface should simplify and expand the possibilities for editing your images

Google has introduced a major update to one of its most popular service apps, Google Photos. The search giant has released a new Google Photos editor UI on Android.

The new interface should simplify and expand the possibilities for editing your images. Besides the new editor, the company is also adding new features. The update adds a new “Suggestions” tab to the photo editing menu. She can automatically make edits to photos.

Introduced improved Google Photos with new features

As already mentioned, the user interface is different, but also intuitive. You can make your own changes to the photo. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the work of Google’s artificial intelligence, just edit the image yourself.

The Suggestions feature automatically corrects some aspects of the image. It changes the levels of brightness, contrast, and also adjusts portrait effects. It also enhances images and has a Color Pop function. This function makes the background black and white and preserves the color of the object.

Google says there will be more features in the Google Photos app on Pixel devices in the future. Although the company says “Pixel devices,” we won’t be surprised to see these features later for all Android phones.

Google also introduced a new portrait lighting feature found in the new Pixel smartphones. It can adjust the lighting of faces in portraits. According to the company, it can be applied to photographs that were not captured in portrait mode.

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