Introducing the Mourningdale location in New World

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Amazon Games continues its tour of the New World, and the next stop after Windsward is a location called Mourningdale. In a new video, the developers of MMORPG New World showed this region, which is constantly raining.

Despite the damp and gloomy atmosphere, there is a place for beauty here. Players will see huge, extravagant statues welcoming sailors to New Balefire, as well as unique flora and fauna. In the center of the region there is a small settlement in which local residents settled. To the south of it are the ruins, guarded by ancient guards.

To the southeast you will find a fort built on the beach, which provides cover from both land and sea. There is also an imposing port with sculptures called New Balefire to the northeast of the settlement.

Previously, the developers released a patch that fixed 1209 bugs and introduced many gameplay changes.

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