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Is Marvel’s Spider-Man now on smartphones or is it an indie studio antics?

The indie studio has released a cropped version of Marvel’s Spider-Man for Android. Would Stan Lee be proud?

There hasn’t been a separate Spider-Man game on smartphones for a long time, he only appears in the ranks of other superheroes, for example, in the latest Marvel Future Revolution. Enthusiasts decided to go against the system and released Spider-Man Open World. They openly admit that this is an unofficial version and cannot be compared to Marvel’s Spider-Man for the PlayStation.

Features of Spider-Man Open World

In this game, you can freely move around the city both on foot and with the help of a web. The first and last task is to stop the car with the criminals by throwing one through the window and stopping the transport with the help of two hands. I am glad that the developers have added musical accompaniment and groans of Peter Parker from the PlayStation 4 version of Spider-Man. The same can be said about the animation of the character and his model.

It is a pity that the local New York is deserted, there are not even cars in it, although the sounds of a busy metropolis are present. For each building, a team of enthusiasts added an interior, and Peter Parker received over 20 costumes. Well, if your smartphone is weak, a low preset is provided for it. The developers indicate that they will not continue the project and released it to show their result.

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