Is there a beta version of Honor of Kings available, is it any different from Arena of Valor at all?

In Turkey, Brazil, Mexico and Egypt, the beta test of Honor of Kings, an alternative version of Arena of Valor, has begun. There is almost no difference between them.

Android gamers can test the global version of Honor of Kings, they just need to connect a VPN to one of the countries where the PTA is currently taking place. More regions and access to iOS will appear in the future, Level Infinite (Tencent’s subsidiary) does not give specific dates. Judging by the in-game description, there are no P2W features in the game yet, and after testing is over, all data will be erased.

Honor of Kings offers over 60 heroes that can be earned by completing missions and participating in events. As for the modes, the following are open in this beta test: training, solo, 5v5, and its ranked version.

But when it comes to the similarities and differences between Honor of Kings and Arena of Valor, then everything is complicated – these two versions differ little from each other, for the most part the difference is in the visual part, according to the attached video. However, if you know more about the differences between the games, please share it in the comments. So far, the publisher has not announced whether support for Arena of Valor will continue after the final release of HoK and whether gamers will be able to transfer their progress.

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