“It’s Not Too Late to Remove It” – Live Action Trailer for Guilty Gear: Strive is mired in dislikes

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In anticipation of the fighting game Guilty Gear: Strive, Bandai Namco has published a live-action trailer featuring live people. In the video, various famous personalities, as well as the creator of the project, decided to play a fighting game. Despite some problems that arose, they still managed to implement the idea.

However, fans of the series did not appreciate this creative decision of the developers. The trailer received a large number of dislikes, and the comments point out that this is one of the worst trailers for the games. Here are some of the reviews:

“Okay, let’s all agree to never talk about this trailer again.” – Magickjelly.

“This is possibly the worst trailer I’ve ever seen for any product.” – Makoto Yuan.

“Remember when GG was associated with metal? Those were the times. ”- Yosefhouser.

“Someone of the marketers should be fired for this” – midnite works.

“It’s only been an hour, it’s not too late to delete this” – Action4 Jackson.

In the trailer, you can see the following people:

  • Daisuke Ishiwatari, creator of Guilty Gear Strive;
  • Ryan and Jake (aka Ketchup and Mustard) are twin brothers best known for their comments on fighting games and Twitch channels;
  • Samad “Damascus” Abdessadki – Esports commentator and host, event organizer and fighting game specialist;
  • Jonathan “Tyrant” Parks is a renowned fighting game content creator, ambassador and commentator.

Guilty Gear: Strive will launch on June 11th on PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, with Deluxe and Ultimate editions on consoles three days early to play.

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