Jade Dynasty 2 will be a mobile MMORPG

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During the presentation of the Perfect World Games Strategy Press Conference, the announcement of the sequel to the famous classic MMORPG Jade Dynasty, released on PC in 2007, took place. As it turned out, Jade Dynasty 2 will be a mobile game for iOS and Android devices.

Jade Dynasty 2 will include different cultures and will offer a new storyline, combat system and capabilities. Also, the game uses cloud technologies, thanks to which many players and objects can be on the map. Unreal Engine 4 is used as the engine.

Jade Dynasty 2 isn’t the only game featured in the franchise. The developers also showed two more games that were announced earlier. World of Jade Dynasty is a computer-based MMORPG. At the presentation, the developers said that they are working with NVIDIA to introduce DLSS2.0 technology. Another game called Fantasy Jade Dynasty is a mobile strategy game designed to expand the universe.

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