Jade Dynasty 2 will make a mobile MMORPG on Unreal Engine 4, what does Perfect World have to do with it?

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Today is the Perfect World Games day. Apart from two projects: Project Prism and CODE NAME: X, these Chinese guys are making Jade Dynasty 2. The original MMORPG was released back in 2007 on PC. Now we can expect a mobile multiplayer game. We are promised Unreal Engine 4, which will surprise no one – this is the standard for this genre. Perfect World released its first mobile Jade Dynasty in 2018. From that moment on, the game never made it to the western market.

The plot is as follows: in the local fantasy world, all races live hand in hand, while our characters will try to learn yin and yang. By the way, they are immortal. Players will surf the seas and oceans, as well as climb mountains. Recall that the events of the original part developed in Ancient China.

Jade Dynasty 2 will be released on iOS and Android. It will be a shareware project with all that it implies. Should we wait for the game on the Western market? Only time will tell. At least the original part was published by

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