Japanese MMO Punishing: Gray Raven Coming Around The World This Summer

If you like waifu, world conflicts, strange robots and cyberpunk, then you are definitely waiting for the release of Punishing: Gray Raven all over the world. It’s like Honkai Impact 3rd – we destroy hordes of enemies in small arenas, playing as cool anime girls with deadly swords. It turns out that this is gacha. According to the plot, the Earth was covered by the virus “The Punishing”, which destroys a living organism. Now people from the space colony “Babylonia” deal with robots.

As the commander of the elite Gray Raven squad, we will gather the best soldiers to uncover the secret of the virus. The developers promise sophisticated graphics, complex combat system and group management (hello, Genshin Impact). Pre-registration for the global version will begin soon, as well as recording for the CBT.

Punishing: Gray Raven is coming to iOS and Android this summer in Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia and North America. Now you can try it in Japan and China. This is a shareware project with all that it implies.

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