Judgment – How to unlock a side investigation

In addition to an extensive storyline, Judgment also features side-actions that tell a standalone story about Kamurocho.

The creators of Judgment are gradually metering experience and additional game content. Because of this, the first few chapters are quite slow – some tasks are unlocked over time. The same goes for quests and side missions – many of them become active only after reaching a certain chapter of the story. You can complete side quests anywhere in the game, even after you’ve completed it, but keep in mind that you’ll have a lot of quests to complete!

Side quests are marked with a blue icon on the world map. Some of the missions appear on the streets of Kamurocho, but some of them will appear after you reach a certain location. Yagami’s apartment, Tender Bar, and Genda Law Office all have separate side cabinets that can be activated in those locations. Some of them are interconnected, and therefore it is necessary to regularly complete missions from one location in order to access tasks in another. Side quests can sometimes be linked to friends, so it’s worth increasing relationships with others if you want to unlock all the missions in the game.


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