PlayWay publisher announced another simulator, this time for mobile devices. It’s called Junkyard Builder; as the name suggests, we will be building a landfill to get rich out of this business eventually. We have to clear the landfill from garbage, build buildings, and sell items. Before the sale, it is worth renewing old cars that are nearby as scrap metal, recycle rusty pipes, and so on. The most money can be obtained for an item, parts of which are scattered around the junkyard. Separately, they are hardly worth anything, but together they can bring good profit

Junkyard Builder is developed by Freemind studio. Information about the game appeared at the publication PocketGamer. Publisher PlayWay has previously announced several controversial PC games, including the prophet Moses simulator.

Junkyard Builder is coming to iOS and Android in the foreseeable future. There is no exact release date and pages in the digital stores’ App Store and Google Play. The developer’s projects can be found on the official website.

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