Kakao Games Reveals Nostalgic ArcheAge Trailer In Honor Of Account Transfer And Publisher Change

The transfer of accounts in the western version of MMORPG ArcheAge, caused by the change of publisher, has already begun. In honor of this event, the new distributor of the game decided to unveil a new trailer with an overview of the game, designed to awaken a little bit of nostalgia among the players.

Recall that ArcheAge was released in Europe and America in 2014 and was originally published by Trion Worlds, a subsidiary of Gamigo. However, it was recently announced that Kakao Games will take over the distribution of the western version. This change will allow for the release of updates for the game at the same time as Korea, and the change will take place on December 2, 2021.

To transfer account information, players will need to visit Gamigo’s gaming platform Glyph and obtain a transfer code there. Then you need to create an account on a special Kakao Games website and enter the transfer code to complete the process. Whoever makes the transfer will receive special rewards.

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