Kakao Games unveils sci-fi MMORPG Ares: Rise of Guardians

Publisher Kakao Games has officially unveiled the sci-fi Action MMORPG Ares: Rise of Guardians. Previously, the game was mentioned under the code name Project Ares, but at that time there were no details.

Ares: Rise of Guardians is being developed for PC and mobile devices running iOS and Android by Korean studio Second Dive. Players will be able to use suits with a variety of unique weapons and skills to take on normal enemies and bosses in a dynamic Hack’n’Slash-style combat system. In addition, it will be possible to use the “Valkyrie”, able to fly in the air and move freely around the map.

The developers have already launched the Ares: Rise of Guardians official website, where now you can only watch the trailer. The release date is still unknown.

[아레스: 라이즈 오브 가디언즈] 티저 영상

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