Kittens Defend Castles in Pixel Numpurr Card Wars

Numpurr Card Wars offers to summon kittens to defend your castle. The gameplay is arcade and vertical, and the graphics are pixelated. The project is available on iOS and Android.

Numpurr Card Wars is a mobile game starring medieval kittens. They are represented by cards that need to be pumped. During the battle of two castles, we call them into a small arena and watch how the eared ones march towards the enemy. They can be hampered by cannons and catapults, so for each class there are three options for “evolution”, that is, pumping a unit.

The developers are positioning the project as a roguelike card game with tower defense elements. To get new cards, you need to defeat enemies. At the same time, only a balanced deck can guarantee victory. Gradually, players make their way to the top of a certain tower, but lives are spent for each level.

Numpurr Card Wars is already available on iOS and Android. This is a shareware project with ads and microtransactions. If you believe the App Store, then the Russian localization was not delivered.

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