Knight Simulator download torrent For PC

Knight Simulator download torrent

Knight Simulator download torrent action RPG with a first-person camera view. The game is quite exciting, interesting, with a lot of puzzles and mini-quests. Pass RPG in one breath, fighting with a large variety of opponents. Participate in various tournaments, competing with the most powerful warriors of the fictional medieval world. Defeat them and become the sole leader of the championship. Grab first place on the podium and earn tons of rewards!

Game process

In the game, you often have to fight. And there are no dark forces and magical elements. You simply choose one of the two sides of the classic medieval warriors and start fighting against each other. Destroy opponents to smithereens, moving further up the standings. In the game, the main goal will be to win the competition. And there will be several of them. During this time, you will be able to train the sword, learn how to properly hold the handle, improve the characteristics of the main character and pump it to the maximum. Participate not only in battles on separate battlefields, but also in sieges of castles and fortresses. Choose one of the sides and fight with a large number of opponents. They are all powerful and very strong. Everyone needs to have their own approach, because everyone will have their own abilities and skills. Glorify your kingdom, for whose name you are fighting. Do not be afraid to die, because it will be an honor for a warrior. Become the leader of your team and attack opponents who want to destroy you. Take care of your weapons and value your armor. In no case do not try to blunder with defense, because it is no less important here than attack. Win money for battles and become famous. Let the rest know that you are the most powerful and impregnable warrior of the Middle Ages. You can not only participate in competitions, but simply live the life of a warrior the way you want it. Rescue the innocent who are being killed in the narrow gorges of the mountains. Let the enemy fight with a worthy warrior.

Knight Simulator Features

  • sword fights;
  • improvement of the protagonist;
  • pumping characteristics, skills;
  • learning mode;
  • several interesting plot twists;
  • the path from a squire to a real knight;
  • modernization of equipment, equipment;
  • participation in tournaments.

Download the Knight Simulator torrent and go through a great game with a lot of competition.

System requirements

  • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10


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