Knight’s Edge is an interesting Archero clone with PvP mode

Knight’s Edge has appeared on the App Store and Google Play. It is an arcade game like Archero with good location design, normal gameplay and even PvP mode. We look.

Lightfox Games has launched its debut project, Knight’s Edge. This is an Archero clone, at least the controls are the same: move the hero with your finger and watch how he deals damage. Only this time the gameplay looks interesting, the same goes for the visuals. First, we go through the tutorial, where we learn to use the ability and dodge targeted attacks. Then we are thrown into the PvP mode, which seems like a breath of fresh air.

In Knight’s Edge, we don’t have to fight directly with the players: we are divided into two groups, with three heroes in each. Our task is to rush through the locations together and destroy the boss before the other team. It looks pretty funny, plus our character is pumped, for which he receives a random perk. The graphics are also nice, so, surprisingly, Knight’s Edge can be recommended for fans of the genre.

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