Korean users were unhappy with Blade & Soul 2 – the popularity of the game is falling

Blade & Soul 2 has received a flurry of criticism from users in Korea. At the moment, the new multi-platform MMORPG from NCSOFT is ranked 4th in Google Play and 14th in the Apple App Store, and popularity is falling, although according to forecasts and a record of pre-registrations, the project has every chance to take the first lines.

But what is wrong? First of all, players complained about poor monetization, which allowed them to purchase items only with the purchase of the Season Pass. Now the company has fixed this, but there are other shortcomings, such as the system of obtaining almost all items through the “lottery”, a small number of bonuses, long development, and so on.

NCSOFT has already released an announcement that some of the criticized elements have already been corrected and others will be corrected shortly. It remains only to wait for this to happen.

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