Kowloon’s Curse: Kickstarter Campaign Launched for Turn-Based Horror

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The developers from the Rem studio launched a Kickstarter campaign for his upcoming RPG called Kowloon’s Curse. It combines elements of horror. If you know the Japanese industry and remember the Nintendo Dreamcast era, the local setting and gameplay will sound familiar. Gamers will talk to their enemies, make friends with them and participate in turn-based battles. Undertale inspired the developers because you can talk or look at the enemy and attack and defence.

In the story, you need to collect 12 keys to get out of the city of Kowloon. One playthrough lasts approximately six hours. At the same time, there are at least three ways to complete the game in different ways. This means that we will see new characters and participate in new events. There are over 100 characters in the game in total. They can be called during battles. In addition to the main quest, there are additional ones. Enemies can be given a cigarette, or even batteries can be stuck in them. There will also be a virtual mini-game with a pet.

Kowloon’s Curse is slated to launch on iOS, Android and PC in May 2022. It will be a premium project with no in-app purchases or ads. Nothing will distract you from the gameplay.

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