Kungfu Master Ski ported to Android after two years

Kungfu Master Ski appeared on iOS back in 2020 and has now been launched on Google Play.

Kungfu Master Ski is a mobile action game set in the Stickman universe. It has simple controls – moving left and right with a fixed joystick and a few abilities; gradually their number grows when we get a new level and choose one of the three buffs.

Interestingly, on December 14, 2020, a game with the same name appeared in the App Store. Only, judging by the screenshots, it is made in a vertical format, while the current copy is played in a purely horizontal position; and the publishers are different, although otherwise the similarity is strong.

As for the rest of the points, for the first 7 days of entry, you are given rewards, including new characters, one of which is Wolverine. If you do not want to buy now, you can rent a hero for advertising. It is worth noting that energy is spent for trying to pass the level, plus you need to take care of rare equipment that will make it easier to complete missions, and prepare you for the test mode, which opens after the second story chapter is closed.

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