LAST PARADISE from developer responses

LAST PARADISE from developer responses LAST PARADISE from developer responses

The developers of the multiplayer survival shooter NAKWON: LAST PARADISE answered many questions they received from users. The questions concerned various game mechanics, such as effects, character states, loot drops after death, rest, housing, and so on. We have prepared for you a translation of the article into Russian.

LAST PARADISE from developer responses LAST PARADISE from developer responses

Please tell us about the user interface. Will it be minimized like in EFT or not? For example, whether HP, stamina, weapon types, and durability costs are shown.

We are currently planning to show all the basic information the player needs to survive. However, we will hide or replace other elements that may disrupt the gaming experience. For example: HP, stamina and all available means that have a direct impact on survival will be shown. But other elements that could be replaced by another display, such as a minimap, will not be included.

Will there be some kind of insurance feature that will allow you to get items back even in the event of death, such as a secure container like in EFT?

Let’s start with the fact that in the pre-alpha version there will be no insurance system. That is, you will lose everything you took with you if you die during reconnaissance. However, this is not the final version. We will continue to consider additional options based on user experience during the pre-alpha and which direction suits our gameplay.

The system in EFT that you mentioned can be a guide for us in the development process. But we want to avoid adding a specific method to get resources every time without losing anything.

“All citizens should regularly participate in intelligence activities. You can rest without this, but the amount of scouting that can be skipped varies depending on the class of citizen” – from a scouting guide for new survivalists.

Will I receive any punishment if I exceed the number of allowed “rests”? (for example, downgrading of citizens, fines, etc.)

I would like to know if the game uses real time (so that exploration is a daily mission) or will time flow differently?

Here are the answers to your questions about exploration and the concept of time in the game.

Below is an explanation of the concept of time:

  • It is not related to real time. Each player has their own “date” in the game.
  • It does not happen in real time, but only when you perform any action related to spending the day.

There are currently two activities available to players to complete the day:

  • Reconnaissance: One day will pass after reconnaissance.
  • Sleep: One day will pass after sleep.

By choosing to sleep, you lose a day that could be used to recover from an injury (for example, a broken ankle takes 3 days to recover) or other things that require recovery.

However, every day your satiety will decrease and you will need to eat.

Number of explorations:

  • To prevent the action of you only sleeping while saving a large pile of food, we have introduced a rule where you can do other things without exploring for a certain number of days after you have completed one exploration. However, this feature may not be added to the pre-alpha version.

Can I create any fan creations, such as fan fiction or fan art related to the history of NAKWON, and post them on the Discord server or other communities? I will indicate the source and will not use it for commercial purposes.

Regarding this issue, we will take time to discuss it internally as it has not yet been discussed. However, I personally doubt that any fan creation will make sense at this point, since we haven’t yet revealed all the information about the world, nor have we given you a proper look at the game.

Also, since NAKWON’s world description and story are rarely included in the pre-alpha version, I think it’s better to create fan art after the game has been updated with information.

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In EFT and Rust, because there are too many goods or supplies, the developers reset progress every six months. I would like to know if there will be a server wipe/zero system?

The resource acquisition/consumption cycle is critical in games where players can save and accumulate resources. If resources accumulate endlessly, then over time motivation will begin to weaken. Therefore, many Loot-Escape games, including EFT, provide motivation to play by periodically destroying the players’ resources. However, I think there are many cases where you feel that progress in the game becomes meaningless due to forced resource wipes and leads to quitting the game. So we’re approaching this in a way that tangible assets shouldn’t be erased, and we’re trying to create multiple instances where players can spend resources to progress in the game. We try to ensure that the use of resources is reasonable and provides appropriate benefits.

I would like to know more details regarding future plans related to leasing [жилья] and commissions.

I think of housing as a resource drain. We are considering a structure where each player can choose the type of accommodation where they will stay for a certain period of time to receive benefits/costs according to their own choice. Players will have to choose whether to stay in a property where rent is free and has only minimal features, or in a property that has many benefits and features but comes with expensive rent. Thus, players will have to spend and collect resources while living.

If you’re in a nice space where you can fit a lot of furniture, and then you move to a cheap space because you can’t afford the rent, you won’t be able to fit all the furniture you have, which means you won’t be able to activate some effects. However, even if you haven’t logged into the game for a long time, you won’t fall behind on your rent. This game has nothing to do with real time, and time will not pass if the player is idle. The goal is that everyone can enjoy the game both for a short time and for a long time without pressure.

What is the purpose of poisonous gas? If there is a time limit during a gaming session, then I want to know when it applies?

The role of poisonous gas is a time limit. We had various ideas for creating a time limit before escaping. We found that forcing players off the map by spreading poisonous gas was more suitable for our game than a regular countdown timer. If the game had a timer, players might feel anxious throughout the game, constantly thinking about “when” they should head to the exit to make it on time.

Due to the nature of the game, you will need plenty of time to move and reach your destination. But it often happens that it is impossible to arrive at the exit using the remaining time, depending on the situation. So we visualized a time limit with poison gas causing a natural escape, slowly pushing players out of a random position at the end of the map.

Because we want this to work as a time limit concept, we balanced the poison gas so that it spreads slowly enough that you have time to loot items.

At the start of the match you will be informed in which direction the gas will flow. The poisonous gas will start spreading very slowly and will become a little faster towards the end. In 25 minutes it will cover the entire map. The gas will be balanced during tests.

Can players use voice chat? If so, how much effect will it have on zombies, since they are sensitive to sounds. And what about emotions? An emote system would be great for some players who want to use voice/text chat while playing.

No such features were implemented in the pre-alpha version. We are still considering adding voice chat, but have not discussed this in detail.

Also, “voice chat influences zombies” sounds interesting, but on the other hand, we are afraid that it may be too stressful and will be abused. We are going to discuss the issue of voice chats after the pre-alpha session.

In addition, we are not going to add text chat during the match, which means there will be no emotes either. Instead, we are thinking of adding body movements for communication. However, this is not confirmed as we have not discussed this issue in detail.

Will there be an easy way to register items for sale? Or will trading turn out to be like in real life: you write a message describing the item for sale and contact the buyers directly to conclude the transaction?

Her [торговли] Development is planned for the period after the pre-alpha session, so the direction has not yet been confirmed. However, I was thinking about applying a simple method for ease of use (registration/search/selling etc.).

While it would be more realistic if you made trades directly, I think the discomfort will increase as you play. The shopping center will be developed after pre-alpha, so the possibility of changing direction is always open.

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Will Xbox Controller, DualSense/Shock, Pro-Controller and Steam Deck interfaces be supported in the future?

Here is an answer to a question regarding cross-device support:

  • Consoles: Unfortunately, we don’t have enough time for this in the pre-alpha version. In addition, since after this stage we need to further refine the game, it is difficult to say about the timing of adding support. However, given that the UI was designed with consoles in mind from the start, there is a chance that they will be supported if circumstances allow.
  • Steam Deck: Same answer. Currently not supported.

Will character leveling be the same as in RPG games, where players can choose what to learn after leveling up, or will the character improve naturally based on actions performed? Or will a different/new method be used?

We haven’t discussed this in detail, but our goal is to make sure that leveling factors don’t feel unreasonable/unfair. I think it’s closer to the first, since some players who don’t want to do certain things wouldn’t be able to level up in the second case. We are going to discuss this issue in detail in the future.

Are you going to add health for body parts and debuffs based on injury severity like in EFT?

There will only be one HP bar, but injuries can be inflicted on different parts of the body. We currently have no plans to add HP to various body parts, but are considering introducing debuffs caused by damage to them (for example, damage to a leg causes the Leg Fracture debuff). However, this is not in pre-alpha yet.

In survival simulators such as DayZ, EFT, Don’t Starve and This War of Mine, there are many different types of abnormal conditions. EFT has the most of them. How are things going with this at NAKWON?

Our goal is to make the game easy to understand from the very beginning. Therefore, the available stats are Satiety, Health, and Stamina. However, in the future, we plan to add more abnormal condition effects in the form of buffs and debuffs so that you can experience different situations.

Abnormal condition (examples): Hunger, fracture, exhaustion, cold, flu, etc.

The hunger indicator will be available in the pre-alpha session.

Do I need to buy this game or can I play it for free? If the game becomes paid, how much will it cost to purchase it?

For now, we’re looking at this game as a free-to-play game with in-game purchases such as the Battle Pass. I think players won’t want to play if they have to pay for it. However, this has not yet been confirmed. In any case, there will be no pay-to-win elements in this game. We hope many people will like it.

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