Last Viking: God of Valhalla Early Access Started From The Creators Of Bad Last Pirate

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Last Viking: God of Valhalla is a third and first person skinny viking simulator. At the very beginning, we cut down trees and get stones. Sounds of the same type, graphics a la “Hello, free assets from Unity”. According to the plot, we moored to the shore and decided to build a settlement there. There is no NPC, it takes a long time to build. By the way, you won’t be able to enter the house. On the avatar inside the inventory is a glorious pirate with tattoos and so on; in fact, we get an unfinished warrior who spent many weeks without food in the sea.

God of Valhalla was made by the same guys as Last Pirate. After realizing this, everything falls into place. So far, the OBT is underway, so the developers have time to fix everything. So far, the game does not stand out among other “indie survival games”. There is no zest, pumping, cool graphics, and so on.

An early version of Last Viking: God of Valhalla is already available on Android. This is a shareware project with ads and microtransactions. There is no version information for iOS.

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