The skyrocketing popularity of video games has been accompanied by persistent opposition, which claims that violent video games are bad for children and make them more aggressive. However, recent research proves otherwise.

In hopes of ending the debate, psychologists published a study in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking that found no link between violent video games and increased aggression.

For example, the authors used children as young as 13 playing many hours a day in one of the most controversial games of all time, Grand Theft Auto (GTA). Some bands played little GTA and didn’t play at all, acting as a control. More than 500 children were led in this way.

The authors argue that a significant increase in aggression among guys playing in the GTA, compared to those who did not play, was overlooked even years later. Psychologists have concluded that violent tendencies are likely not at all associated with violent video games.

It is noted that many guys who spent a long time in the GTA had more pronounced symptoms of depression and anxiety, and video games even helped them fight them.

The study’s main disadvantage is the collection of data through self-reporting, which can lead to some degree of bias.

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