We often cover the news on League of Legends: Wild Rift and offer our readers good guides. This time we will talk about update 2.0 for Wild Rift, which appears on test servers. New Champions have been added, and visual and technical changes to make your gameplay even more enjoyable. Let’s start with a new event called “Journey of the Yordles.” It will introduce us to Champions like Tristana, Kennen, Corky, and others.

As for the system changes, now you don’t have to drag games alone every time – you can open the lobby for friends or anyone in general and join a similar group. Filter by type helps you find suitable allies. I managed to test this function: players come to the lobby quickly enough, but the search for the game leaves much to be desired – more than one minute with many people in the group. More random allies refuse to wait and throw, thereby discarding the search. Another point, if earlier you were guided by the Network latency indicator, then it worked incorrectly. There is just a network indicator (4G, Wi-Fi, etc.); another icon shows the ping during the game.

Now almost any information about your profile, rank, and victories can be put up for general display on social networks. So far, you can only upload images directly to Facebook. The training mode has also changed – now you can learn specific skills in it. Emotions of Champion Mastery also appeared; they unlock when one of the heroes reaches mastery level 5.

The first official ranked season starts 8th January 2021… All Zero Season participants will receive a special icon; if you have reached the Gold rank, you will receive the player’s emblem and the “Brilliant Tryndamer” skin from the new collection. After January 8th, partial rating reset… Riot Games announced that it continues to work on a matchmaking system, while this is the Achilles heel of Wild Rift.

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