Legends of Kingdom Rush has been released – turn-based battles with cartoon graphics

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If you remember the Kingdom Rush franchise, then for sure it is associated with the genre of “tower defense”. Many parts came out on it, and the last one – Legends Of Kingdom Rush. This is an exclusive project for Apple Arcade, which moves into the plane of turn-based battles. At the same time, the graphics remained cartoonish. During the training, you realize that the guys from Ironhide have worked on local features. For example, physical damage does not ignore armor, which immediately hints at the advantage of mages.

Do not expect an open world: the plot is divided into levels, where we either participate in battles or decide the fate of an unfortunate stranger. Over time, if you’re lucky, your squad will be replenished with archers and other classes. Shooters, by the way, ignore obstacles and use explosive barrels to get rid of several enemies at a time.

Legends of Kingdom Rush is already available on iOS via Apple Arcade. There is no information about the version for Android; this is probably a temporary exclusivity.

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