Legends of Kingdom Rush – turn-based strategy game from Ironhide, which platforms to expect?

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Everyone remembers Ironhide Game Studio? These are the guys who gave us the Kingdom Rush series. This time the studio is developing something different; meet – Legends of Kingdom Rush. This is a turn-based RPG with cartoon graphics familiar to fans Kingdom rush… Players will travel across a medieval fantasy world. Items to be expected from bagels. In terms of plots, we lead a squad of heroes; they must defeat hordes of invaders. We are promised a typical Hearthstone scheme: “Easy to learn, hard to master.”

11 companions have their own unique skills that will come in handy in a group. Heroes must be collected. During the battle, they move along a grid with hexagonal fields (remember Heroes of Might & Magic). More than 100 narrative events await us that will expand and open up the story of Kingdom Rush. The game is designed for one person.

Legends of Kingdom Rush will be released on iOS through the Apple Arcade service. No release date. It will probably be an iOS exclusive, as there is no information about the Android version yet.

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