Legion will be able to control the minds of people

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Ubisoft has revealed new information about upcoming updates planned for Watch Dogs: Legion. Already on May 4, as announced earlier, the free update 4.0 will be released, which will be accompanied by paid DLC.

Season Pass holders will be able to play as a new character named Mina Sidhu. Her ability allows you to take control of the mind of any NPC and control it for a limited time. As the developers said, this feature opens up new ways for players to complete tasks, fight enemies and wreak havoc. The character is allowed to be used both during a single playthrough and in multiplayer.

The DLC also offers a new DedSec story mission “Swipe to the Right”, where players will have to gain confidence in smugglers and find out the location of an ancient artifact.

The free 4.0 update includes three new missions that can be completed in a group of four. The developers also add five assignments, two devices, new character customization options and two activities for the NPC: a rescuer and a DJ. Rescuers place a shield on themselves or allies, and DJs can empower allies and disorient enemies.

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