Legion will be released at the end of June

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Watch Dogs: Legion, a third-person add-on featuring the playable character Meena Sidhu, came out with a slight delay. As you might expect, this also affected the timing of the rest of the planned content. In a new roadmap, the developers showed when the next paid DLC and free patches will be released.

The release of the first story add-on Bloodlines, in which we can again play as the main character of the first part of Watch Dogs, Aidan Pearce, will take place at the end of June. The already noticeably aged hacker will again have to pick up his “miracle smartphone”. For him, as well as for Rench from Watch Dogs 2, it will be possible to play outside the DLC plot.

Assassin Darcy and related quests will be added to the game in August. In addition, a free crossover event with the Assassin’s Creed series is expected.

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