Lenovo will unveil a new gaming smartphone this spring

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Lenovo places big bets not only on computer games but also on mobile games. The latest gaming flagships, Legion, have had enough popularity for the company to continue with the series.

The company is expected to unveil a new flagship from the Legion series soon. Through the Weibo app, the company caught a glimpse of the smartphone. The image shows the cooling capabilities of the device. Lenovo’s general manager Chen Jin is confident that this will be the best gaming smartphone, at least according to the message attached to the image.

Most likely, the company has already come up with a name for the new gaming smartphone, although it has not shared it with the rest of the world. According to the image, the announcement should be expected this spring, and then everything will become known. But we are sure that there will be a huge amount of disclosed information even before introducing a new gaming smartphone.

Initially, the company will release a new flagship in China, but it will also enter the global market after some time.

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