Liar: Studio 11 bit announced Frostpunk 2, watch the first trailer

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The creators of the original Frostpunk decided to take the path of least resistance and announced Frostpunk 2. This is a sequel to the famous game that combines survival, construction, strategy and management. The sequel takes place 30 years after the snow catastrophe, but the Earth is still covered in endless frost. Instead of coal, people will now fight for oil, which certain sections of society will certainly not be happy about.

Players will have to maneuver between different factions that just want to start a conflict. One of the project leaders, Jakub Stokalski, says that they are trying to give gamers more than the first part. The main goal is to create a huge universe with an infinite number of solutions. Players will build their societies and disentangle the consequences. By the way, one of the differences is the struggle with one’s own nature, which will affect politics, society and progress.

Frostpunk 2 will be released on PC. So far, no other platforms have been announced. To celebrate the announcement, the original game is available to play for free via Steam until August 16th.


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