LifeAfter: Sea of ​​Zombies Expansion Now Available

NetEase Games is adding a new patch to LifeAfter, the open-world survival mobile game, Sea of ​​Zombie. In the new version of LifeAfter, survivors will go to explore 5 seas, where they will encounter new types of infected. In addition, you can collect marine resources and even build a themed shelter. Of course, the developers have added limited skins, sprays, frames and other free rewards. New LifeAfter gameplay with a ton of rewards Survivors have recently learned that there is a land on the other side of the sea where there are no zombies. Instead of staying there, they will try to find the keys to save all the continents and people from mortal danger. Just to survive in the sea you will need a ship, a compass and beacons to plot the route. On the way you can meet chests with high-class materials. The developers also improved the LifeAfter engine, making the water ultra realistic. Well, not without new types of infected: huge sharks, tentacles and a special boss.

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