Lineage W Beginner’s Guide: Missions, Classes, Market and More

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For a quick start in Lineage W, you need to know what and how to do. In this guide, we will tell you everything that is useful for beginners.

MMORPG Lineage W received not the most flattering reviews at the start, although foreign media are already writing laudatory reviews and the fact that the game broke into the top charts in Asia. One way or another, we decided to “wash down” the guide for beginners, so that they feel like they are in water. We’ll talk about missions, classes, market trading, grinding, and equipment.


Up to about 28th level, you can swing on the main quests. Then you will have to complete additional tasks so as not to lose pace. To do this, look for message boards in the settlements. You can also complete side quests given by NPCs. Just be aware that such assignments are unique to each class.

Market trading

If you have an extra coin in your pocket, then it can be spent on Combat Scrolls. Ten pieces are given for 120 crystals. As a result, you can get 75,000 Adena. Magic Skill Books, on the other hand, do well in the marketplace where players are traded. Good money is given for such an item, but it still needs to be obtained. Also, do not forget to attach your number to your account, otherwise there will be restrictions on trading through the market.


  • Monarch – level S
  • Magician – level A
  • Knight – level A
  • Elf – level B

At the start of the servers, the Monarch is considered the best character. This is a difficult hero to learn, but the time spent will pay off in full. Its characteristics are balanced compared to other characters. If you don’t want hardcore, then you can choose a knight or a magician. The first will live on the battlefield for a long time, as well as stun the enemy; only the knight has low magic resistance, so he is highly dependent on equipment and potions. The mage is suitable for lovers of farming, because he has a lot of AoE-abilities. At the end of the list is an elf archer, which is better to take as a support and if you are going to play in a group with a knight or monarch.

Equipment and grind

Until you get the green gear, it’s best not to sharpen it. Crystals are spent on this, which will be useful later. Moreover, green things can be easily obtained in specific areas without grinding. By the way, do not run into areas that are higher than your level, otherwise you will often have to teleport to the base and spend scrolls. And be sure to carry items for teleportation with you, because after death you are moved to the same zone with other players. This means that you can just get stuck in a crowd.

Friendship and reputation

Lineage W has many NPCs to give gifts to. For this you can improve your reputation with them. I am glad that the friendship with a particular merchant or artisan extends to all his colleagues. But such a trick will not work with commoners. Why is it worth building a reputation? Without it, you will not be able to buy many items and receive a one-time reward. And also merchants give out a discount.

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