List of starting events in Tower of Fantasy

Hotta Studio has published a list of events that await players at the launch of the global version of the multiplayer Action RPG Tower of Fantasy. You will be able to get rewards for creating a character, completing tasks and pre-registration, as well as try to “knock out” an SSR character. The events are the following:

  • “Star Navigation” (Lasts 21 days from character creation) – Complete special missions to earn a variety of rewards, including SSR weapons and golden cores.
  • “Pre-registration stage” (until February 7, 2023) – Claim your pre-registration rewards via email. It is worth noting that the exclusive avatar is platform dependent and can only be obtained once.
  • “Gift of a Pioneer” (until September 1, 2022) – Create a character to earn a variety of rewards, including character points, a golden core, materials, and gold.
  • “Restricted Cache Nemesis” (until September 1, 2022) – A time-limited banner that allows you to get the Nemesis character at an increased chance, as well as her exclusive weapon (trailer below).

It is worth noting that the first three events are available only after completing the Ecological Station Intruders story mission.

The release of Tower of Fantasy will take place on August 11 (00:00 UTC) on PC and mobile devices running iOS and Android.

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